Saturday, April 9, 2011

7 Months!

Clearly you can see he is 7 months and 1 week old today. Yeah, we're busy ha. here is what Eli is up to this month:

-Had to officially remove bumpers from the crib because some decided he likes to play in the crib and not sleep
-Suddenly loves to sleep on his tummy. He NEVER used to sleep on his stomach. We just woke up one morning and there he was. Now he is like that 95% of the time.
-Still not consistently sleeping through the night but we dreamfeed around 10 and he usually makes it until 3 or 4 and I just give him paci. He doesn't eat in the middle of the night anymore which is an improvement so I'll take it!
-Pretty much all in 9 or 12 month clothing.
-Still loves bath time but now he sits up in the tub and plays with toys and splashes water.
-Loves when daddy sings Old McDonald and when mommy sings patty cake.
-NEVER SITS STILL. He still isn't crawling but he is seriously frustrated with his lack of mobility. He's pushing off of everything and pulls up so I feel like we are close.
-Eats 2 meals a day. We need to go to 3 but it's so hard to fit it in during the work week. He eats purees at daycare and puffs to snack on (LOVES these). At home we try to introduce tabled food. He's had bananas, peas, rice, carrots, pasta, chicken, ground turkey and beef. He seems to like most things.

I know I am forgetting things. Oh well. Here are some cute pics.

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Lindsey said...

He is just too cute!!

I need to start table foods with Kate - she just isn't very interested in them right now.