Monday, June 6, 2011

9 Months Old

Good lord time is flying by and I can barely keep up. Eli is now OVER 9 months.

Sweet Jesus.

At 9 Months:
-26 11 ounces (98th percentile), 29 1/2 inches long (87 percentile!)
- Takes 28oz (4 bottles a day)
-3'ish meals a day
-Eats puffs, baby food, ground turkey, peaches, oranges, green beans, rice, carrots, peas. A lot of stuff!
-Has 4 teeth... and at least 2 more popping through the top. He pretty much gets fussy and refuses to eat for 1-2days and we know he is teething but we can't see anything. Go to sleep and the next morning, he has a new tooth or two!
-Most of the time, sleeps through the night. Thank you Jesus!
-Loves to MOVE. It not okay sitting still- true boy. Pulls up on everything!
-He has no favorite toy or favorite thing to look at on television because nothing holds his attention more than 15 seconds!!!
-Crawling all over the place!! Non stop.
-Can pull up on things like a couch and hold himself up for several seconds
-Loves to play with Molly and give her kisses.
-Will smack his lips back at you when he eats
-Can wave now!
-Mumbles words very close to "dada" but I am not sure he really gets it yet. But it sounds close!!
-Uses the sippy and actually gets stuff out of it

I want to post some pictures but it won't let me! Bah. I'll try again later.

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