Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AHhhhhhhhhhh 11 month old.

I have an 11 month old. That's one month away from a year. Someone hold me.

At 11 months Eli is:
-sleeping through the night still and we have officially gotten rid of the sound machine.
-No new teeth this month which has been good for routine.
-Eating well. Breakfast, lunch and snack at daycare and dinner at home. He likes food and it's been an easy transition.
-Still in 12-18 month clothes. He will be in 2T soon though. The kid is big.
-His balance has gotten better but he still isn't walking.
- Has officially started tantrums where we take away something he can't have and he launches into screaming fit mode. At first it scared me, now I laugh.
- Size 4 diapers still and size 4 shoe.
-Takes 4 bottles a day still but we have started the switch to milk. In a couple weeks, he will be off formula! This is nice.

Eli had a great summer staying home with daddy 3 days a week. He had trips to both grandparents houses and the aquarium. If I was a good mother, I would post pictures from that but I haven't uploaded them yet.


The next post will be ONE YEAR.

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Kyle Nixon said...

I love how you laugh at his tantrums. I miss that boy and cannot wait until the birthday party.