Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time flies...

I admit, I am bad at blogging. Must do better. Must do better.

Eli is 14 1/2 months old! I don't want to forget what he is doing at this point in his life so read on for some fun stuff.

-He loves books now. This is a recent change as a couple weeks ago, the kid couldn't care less. He will grab a book and bring it to us, want to sit in our lap and go through it. Now his attention span is still about 30 seconds but it is slowly getting better.
-Loves playing with Molly. She will even get a little rough with him and he cracks up.
-His favorite part of the day is when his socks and shoes come off when we get home from daycare. He is hilarious. He takes after his daddy and has sweaty feet so I think he likes "feeling free" if you will.
-He is a good sleeper and eater. Sleeping through the night- still going down before 7 each night beacuse he is NOT a napper. I'm over that battle so it is what it is. He sleeps well at night- I'll take it. He loves most foods. He isn't a big meat eater, which is weird to us but he'll at least always try stuff.
-No more milk problems which is great. He is completely on organic whole milk (yes, I am that mom that gives organic because the hormones in milk freak me out). I think it just took him a solid 2 months to get used to it.
-My reflux spitter-upper is CURED. No more spit up. I don't know if I ever thought I'd see the day that we wouldn't need a bib or burp cloth but we are there, FINALLY.
-He loves to play outside. He would be out there all day if we let him. He has some cars and outside toys he likes to play with so he, for the most part, occupies himself when he is outside which is nice. He's still too young to get the playground idea or do much climbing but he'll love that when he is big enough too.
-He babbles constantly. He doesn't have many words yet but he is always making noise. I think within the next couple of months his vocabulary will get a lot better.

Ok. I am sure there is more. Must do better. :)

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Kyle Nixon said...

A blog post! Yay! I miss Eli. He is growing so fast, Emily.